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General questions

  • Does the hotel have any parking lots?

    We are sorry, but our hotel does not have any parking lots.
    So, please park your car in one of the parking lots around our hotel. It costs about 3,000 yen if you use it from 15:00 (check in time) till 11:00 (check out time) next morning.
    More details of these parking lots are on our webpage (click “Access”).

  • What is the closest train station to your hotel, and how do we get to your hotel from there?

    Subway Karasuma line Gojo station is the closest station to our hotel.
    From Exit 8, walk to the right for about a minute to the second intersection.
    The Main entrance is on your right at the north-west corner of the intersection.
    You will see Higashi Honganji Temple right in the south.

  • How long does it take from Kyoto station to the hotel?

    From the central exit where you see Kyoto tower in front of you, it takes about 12 min. on foot or 5 min. by taxi. There is a taxi stand by that exit.

  • Is the hotel handicapped accessible?

    Our hotel is not handicapped accessible in that there are a few steps at the entrance of all the rooms, and some little steps inside the rooms in the main building.

  • Do you have any washing machines in your hotel?

    No, we do not, but we have a laundry service.

  • Do you have any smoking room or smoking areas in the hotel

    All our hotel rooms are non-smoking, but we have a smoking area on B2 of the main building and on the ground floor of the annex.

  • We have some food allergies and dislikes.
    Is it possible to make our meals free of these foods?

    We will try our best to meet your request, so please provide us with more details of your food allergies and dislikes.

  • Is it possible to make our meals vegetarian?

    We will try our best to meet your request, so please provide us with more details about what you can eat and what you should avoid

  • What amenities are provided for us in the room?

    Yukata (Japanese robe), slippers, tooth brush, hair brush, razor and swab are provided in the room.
    For ladies, face lotion, moisturizer, face wash and cotton balls are provided, as well.

  • Is Wi-Fi available in the hotel?

    Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in our hotel.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    100 % from 7 days prior to the check in date.
    So, to avoid being charged, cancellation needs to be made by 8 days before.

  • I am allergic to feather.
    Do you have any feather-free duvets and pillows?

    Yes, we do.
    If you need them, please let us know in advance as the number of these items is limited.

Questions about children

  • Do you have any baby cots?

    Yes, we do.
    Our cots are available for babies of 0 – 2 years old.
    If you need one of them, please let us know in advance as the number of the cots is very limited.

  • Are any baby chairs available at the restaurant in your hotel?

    Yes, our Italian restaurant where breakfast is served has some baby chairs.
    If you need one of them, please let us know in advance.

  • Do you have any pajamas for children?

    Yes, we do, but it is one-size-fits-all

  • Do you have any breakfast or dinner for children?

    We are sorry, but we do not have any breakfast for children, but we have some a la carte which can be ordered at the breakfast table.
    We have a kid’s plate for dinner at 1,200 yen (tax and service charge inclusive).

Questions about our hotel service

  • Is it possible to store our luggage before our check in and after our check out?

    Yes, it is.
    Our reception is open for 24 hours, so you are welcome to use our luggage storage service any time.

  • Is early check in possible?

    No, it is not.
    Check in starts at 15:00, but our luggage storage service is available any time before that time.

  • Is late check out possible?

    Whether late check out is possible or not can only be known on the morning of your check out day. So, please ask us at the front desk on that morning.

  • Do you rent bikes?

    Yes, we have some free electric bikes for our guests.
    The number of our bikes are limited, so we recommend you to book them in advance.
    Also, our bikes are available only during the daytime and when the weather is good.

  • Is massage or esthetic salon available?

    Yes, they are.
    Japanese shiatsu massage is available in your room, and we have an esthetic salon on the ground floor of the annex (booking necessary).

  • Do you have a laundry service?

    Yes, we do.
    For your laundry to be done on the same day, it needs to be collected by 9AM.
    So, please call us to the front desk for a pick up by then.

  • Do you have any wheel chairs for rent?

    Yes, we have some free wheel chairs.
    As the number of our wheel chair is limited, we recommend you to book them in advance.

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